Overcoming the Odds to Exercise and Dieting for Weight Loss

It doesn’t come as a great surprise to see many people fail in their weight management endeavors. If you care to get the feedbacks and accounts of the personal experiences of people who have laid their hands on every available guidebook of dieting and the most efficient exercise regimes in the weight loss market, you’d notice that only a select few succeed in their concerted effort to lose weight. Lack of consistency and perseverance, and not medical or organic causes, are the only plausible observations behind such an alarming rate of failure.

Most of the people, who take the physical exercise way to shed the extra calories and fats, almost always lose their rhythm before they get to their dream destination. The initial grit and determination to work out at least for a few hours, three or four days a week, slowly loses its sheen. Minor distractions in the course of their exercise schedule slowly give way to major setbacks, when they see only slim signs of improvement even after a week or two.

It is the same with the dieting populace who look upto the diet charts of famous models and health therapists as the only gospel to redemption from overweight and obesity. Dieting and exercise are effective tools of weight loss, but they definitely take time to show their results. However determined a person’s resolution to lose weight is he finds it tough in making the grade to attain normal BMI, as he usually goes out of steam when he notices no miraculous quick-fix job.

Well, what is missing in these failed cases of weight loss is the commitment, drive and a unique plan of action, both in dieting and working out for a slim and trim healthy frame. A person who is fully bent on losing weight should keep in mind that exercise and dieting is not an overnight solution for obesity, it is rather a long term strategy for weight loss. Both your conscious and subconscious mind should be prepared to go in sync with a well thought line of action for weight loss.

Do your best to inculcate a habit of eating nutritious, sugar and fat free food, so that at the end of the day, or the turn of the week, it becomes a practice you cannot live without. Some health experts strongly point out that people who don’t come across an ice cream stand forego having their daily cup of the delicious cream. It is all about resisting temptation by avoiding the source of temptation, and not by facing it. You might have heard people talk of overcoming temptation with a strong will and determination, but well it is easier said than done. Your friends and family can also have a fair share in helping you achieve your ends, by making up a diet plan with your weight loss concerns in mind.

When it comes to your conscious mind that you have to go swimming, cycling or jogging as part of a weight loss schedule, it becomes a compulsion that gradually takes the shape of a burden weighing down on you. However, if you take an adventurous fun trip, or go mall hopping for a shopping spree, you never mull over them as a must-do, but enjoy them instead. You should be able to notice the similarity in the two contrasting activities. Both can shed pounds: one is lethargic, while the other is of an enjoyable nature that you would love to indulge in.

Only when your approach to the diet plans and the exercise strategies become light and engaging, would you be able to successfully continue with them. Weight loss has much to do with how you look at the dieting plans and the exercise regimes.